Hey hockey fans! Welcome to our blog! We’re soglad that you’ve fou
nd your way here, and we hope that you’ll stay and read and follow us as we blog all about our favourite NHL teams! Well, truth be told, we’re going to blog about all the NHL teams, because every team is someone’s favourite, and we have a wide range of readers! The way we decided to start this blog is to provide a brief history of every team in the NHL. That’s right. All thirty. Why not? Each franchise has a unique history, its own star players, and many boast a pretty rabid fan base!

Though I am admittedly (and much to my shame as a Canadian) a pretty terrible skater, I watched hockey with my family religiously every Saturday night growing up. Saturday night was always my favourite night of the week, because I knew it would involve hunkering down to eat pizza with my family and watching the Leafs. As I grew older, I was even allowed to stay up to watch the triple headers on Hockey Night in Canada (of course, that network’s all changed now, but that’s a topic for a later blog post). Even now when I visit home during hockey season, you can bet your bottom dollar that Saturday night will find my parents, my sister, and me sitting in front of the TV in the basement, munching away at something delicious, and watching hockey.

After all these years, I’ve remained a Leafs fan, for better or for worse. It’s not necessarily that I think that they’ll ever have a real chance at the Cup again in my lifetime, but I’m a firm believer in staying true to your team through thick and thin, so … here I am. My mom’s still a Leafs fan, though I think more out of habit and proximity to the city more than anything else (which is, I guess, why I became a fan in the first place, too), but my sister defected to the Flames a few years ago. I mean … I guess I can’t blame her. And, frankly, it’s fun to all sit down and watch the Leafs play the Flames now, because we’ve got some friendly competition in the house. My dad is a die hard Habs fan. His loyalty to them is likely why I’ve always respected the franchise and actually consider them my second-favourite team (which, I know, blasphemy coming from a Leafs fan).

It’s these kinds of rivalries that we’ll talk about on our blog, and these kinds of family traditions we want to hear about from you! We’d love for you to tell us how you and your friends and your family celebrate the game, and we’ll post a few of the submissions on a special blog at the end of each month. Also, we hope we can get some discussions going in the comment section of each blog post, so as long as you’re being respectful, don’t be shy!

So! Lace up your skates, and let’s get going!